Loyalty’s gone!

Once loyalty used to be

a big component of society.

Work until retirement time

for just a single company.

Now today’s reality’s

not as it used to be.

It’s is a Crime.

Loyalty’s Gone!

Like an exotic bird

diven to become extinct,

it’s really become quite absurd.

Leaders believing only an analyst’s word,

Watching while the market numbers get inked.

 Because it’s the Bean Counters who run things now.

They miss, that their best assets are people, somehow.

Treating weary workers as though they’re expendable,

just can’t be thought to be condoned as commendable.

Setting ficticious deadlines that are not amendable

When employees are worked from dusk ‘til dawn,

 becoming treated like they’re a worthless pawn,

demanding  hard sweat upon their brow,

but some time off they won’t allow,

They’re ignoring the worth

of the best on earth.

Loyalty’s Gone!

Leaders shouldn’t be surprised.

The reason loyalty left is easy to surmise.

Today’s employees can see right through their lies

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