Fly-Over Zone

Plane Landing

East coast, west coast, the populous places

Places in the middle, fly-over zone

Fly-over zone, the name not very kind

Kind who are thinking, they’re God’s gift alone


Don’t want to be known

As a Fly-over zone


Arrogant coasts with self-serving power

Power corrupting and making them blind

Blind to the fact there’s talent everywhere

Everywhere people hard working and kind


They shouldn’t be known

As the Fly-over Zone


Do the fat-cats and moguls even care?

Care there’s more than deserts and forests there?

There in the middle? They’re hardly aware!

Aware there’s knowledge and plenty clean air


Let it be known

Not a Fly-over zone


People are healthy and work very hard

Hard working, with ethics and high standards

Standards of quality, feelings of pride

Pride in accomplishments, deeds and words


Is that how they should be Known?

Known as a Fly-over zone?


Industry founders found, if you like

Like those who first invented computers

Computer programs, medical gadgets

Gadgets helping all kinds of commuters


Entrepreneurs are known

In that Fly-over zone


Steel, lumber, wheat, supports the whole nation

Airports, railways, waterways, truckers, cars

And aeronautical engineering creation

Who do you think supports those coastal Tsars?


Let it be known!

That’s your Fly-over zone!


Fly-over zone, you please just forget it

It’s not the way that we’d like to be known

Known for a negative, I just say No

No such thing as a Fly-over zone


The Fly-over zone,

This Fly-over zone

Don’t want to be known

As Fly-over zone

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