Enlightenment from the Merry-go-round

Retirement Plaque



Enlightenment from the Merry-go-round

(A Free Style poem)


My 43 years of experience

Have no pretense.

Contemplating my corporate history,

Is really no mystery.

The seed of Corporate Enlightenment: avoids greed,

And ethically seeks to assure a need,

While making fair profit

, Providing a living wage off it,

Treating all with compassion,

While the factories fashion

Necessary goods;

Like tools and foods,

Or things that benefit mankind:

Science, the homeless, the needy, the blind.

But, most of all,

To answer the call,

Of the needs of the market you find.

Did I find a company like this?

I believe that the answer is – Yes!

But first, I’ll have to weave a convoluted trail

In order to complete my tale.

The company I’ve worked for’s been bought and sold,

So many times, that the name changes grow old.

It started out as ERA,

Then Univac and Sperry came into play.

Burroughs bought Sperry and became Unisys,

Then a spin off brought Paramax into this,

Which was later bought up by Loral,

That was spun into Lockheed Martin’s corral.

And so it went,

With each new owner’s bent,

In a corporate merry-go-round,

Where I’ve found,

The one that was the best,

Was management from the Midwest.

Don’t flutter your eyes!

It should be no surprise!

West coast management is flighty,

While east coast management may be mighty,

It’s cruel,

With overburdened rule.

And most uncommendable,

Is their concept that employees are expendable.

Both are nearsighted

And ultimately blighted,

Either with fear,

Or “not invented here”.

Neither of them carry

The foresight necessary

That I found when the company was Sperry.


Author NotesI wrote this for the contest

Free Style poems are like Free Verse, without a formal structure, but do contain rhyme.

It will also become part of the author’s Corporate Poem collection.

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