Annoying Autocorrect



Annoying Autocorrect
(AABB Quatrains)

Computers often try to assist

With some spelling quandaries that exist.

There’s one feature to which I object.

It’s that annoying autocorrect.

Writers have to watch its wily ways,

‘Cause it’s often wrong, what it displays.

Be sure to check out what you’ve written

Before you push that transmit button.

It may change your thoughts to something brash,

Embarrassing you by sending trash.

Then your friends my think you’re being rude,

When pleasant thoughts are what you pursued.

It may too often be upsetting.

Mad responses are what you’re getting,

When pleasant messages that it wrecks

Changes simple words like “sax” to “sex”.

So please be careful before you press,

Or you just may make an awful mess.


Author Notes I think you know what I mean.
Picture from Yahoo Images. Simple aabb rhymed quatrains. Syllable count 9.

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