Writhing Wraiths

Writhing Wraiths (An Abcedian Poem)

After dark on Summer’s Eve they sashay,
Beneath the silver shade at river’s edge.
Cavorting, dancing, prancing hand in hand
Dancing were Witches of the meadow glade.
Enchanting – Giselle, Xena, Marilee,
Flowing in circles go the haunting three
Giselle’s lilting laughter filling the night
Having a grand, and joyous holiday.
Into the night they danced and pranced, and sang.
Just wistful wraiths whirling the hours away
Keeping the cackling spirit world at bay.
Marilee merrily marching, matching beat.
Naughty pulsing, insatiable heat,
Offering their spirits to god Mother

Praying here for the gift to be bequeathed.
Quaking, praying, shaking with a shiver
Rapping with jungle music all around
Surrounded by the eerie night time sounds
To them a question comes from hot thin air
Unspoken but felt deep within their souls
Very close, it whispered on the wind,
What would writhing Witches want?” the god said.
Xena replied “Oh! Just to fly away.”

Yes! The Queen of Nature released the spell.
Zoom! On Brooms, the grass witches flew away.


Author Notes:

A witches Tale in alphabet. Three Young Witches get their wings, so to speak. Here I introduce them for the first time: Giselle, Xena, and Marilee. These three may show further in my work.

This Poem is based on this photograph I took in February along the Mississippi River bank at Hidden Falls in Minnesota. When I first saw the image, I thought it reminded me of forest spirits, Wraiths if you will, dancing in the forest.

This poem is an ABCedarian
An ABCedarian poem is one using the 26 letters of the alphabet chronologically. It is a special form of an Acrostic poem in which the initial letters of the words that begin each line of the poem, or stanza, spell out the alphabet, in order. No meter required. Rhyming optional.

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