Turtle Doing Situps


The crow cried “Slow! Slow! Slow!”
“I can see how slow you go.”                                                                                     The turtle said, “What do you know?”
“It’s the creator made me so!”

The crow cried, “No! No! No!”
“You have let your body fat grow!”                                                                 “That’s what makes you go so slow!”                                                                         The tutle said, “Oh, I don’t know!”

So the turtle went home and checked his weight.
It wasn’t far. There isn’t a gate.
He got on the scale, to his amazement found
That in the last week, he’d gained over a pound

That crow was right! There’s something to it!
There’s nothing to say but “Just get out and do it!”
“I’ll have to do some heavy exercise
To keep myself healthy, wealthy, and wise”

So he put on his gym clothes and striped socks,
An he slowly climbed up on a pile of rocks,
He said, “A few sit-ups I think I’ll try.”
He rolled over on his heavy shell with a sigh.

A did no other turtle had done


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