The Rushmore Tree


The Rushmore Tree

You may think I’m idiotic
Or possibly psychotic.
It was definitely exotic
And slightly Patriotic,
When I found that tree.

I was off to the early races
While counting out my paces,
When I came upon the faces
That had left familiar traces,
On the Rushmore tree.

There were only two upon it,
Right along the side. Dog gone it!
As artistic hands had drawn it,
Or a chainsaw dude had sawn it
On that Amazing tree

First was Jefferson’s noble chin,
That displayed a friendly grin,
Then his profile was filled in.
His curly hair was held within
That gnarly old tree

If you haven’t heard enough, Sir
Believe I’m not a slougher
But Washington was tougher
‘Cause the bark around was rougher
On that Rushmore tree

So let your imagination fly!
Just look for the mouth and eye
That is gazing at the sky.
You might see him if you try!
That’s the Rushmore tree.


Author Notes:

Now that’s what you call Presidential Bark!
A little visual exercise for those who see with imagination.

I took this photograph of this tree trunk along the lower path of the Bruce Vento Trail in what is known as Swede Hollow just off Downtown St. Paul, MN. What attracted me were the two unusual knobs on the tree. I immediately noticed that the one on the right looked to me like a profile of Thomas Jefferson. The image of Washinton is not as noticeable, but it starts with a mouth that looks like it’s holding a cigar butt. That image is what inspired me to write this little poem.

This poem is written in Quintains, mono-rhymed.
A Quintain is a poem with stanzas of 5 lines. Also known as a Quintrain, or a Quintet. It can be a single stanza, or many. It can be of any meter or rhyme scheme. Some can be mono-rhymed.

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