The Face in the Falls

You may wonder about the Sin
That imprisoned him within
Those mosey granite walls.                                                                                              The face within the Falls


You can see his silent moan,
As he struggles here alone
And the echo of his calls
As he emerges from the Falls.

Who is this ancient soul?
What was his fateful role?
His fate remains unknown.
Eternally locked inside the stone.



Author Notes:

An unknown warrior’s face is locled eternally within this waterfalls, We wonder how and why. This image is from a photograph I took of the Cross River Falls on the North Shore of Minnesota. I didn’t really notice the face until I downloaded the image onto my IPAD. Actually there is more than one face in this falls, but I was inspired by the large one you should be able to see if you focus on the nose.

This Poem is written in AABB Quatrains.
These are poems written in a standard 4 line stanza (Quatrain) with a rhyme scheme of aabb (coupled).



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