Slumber of the Colossus


Slumber Deep! Slumber Well!

I wonder what the Eons Tell.
While you slept the World moved on,
Dust and sand to rest your heavy head upon.
While you dreampt, there grew a flower bed,
That centuries since have long fallen dead
As you calmly slept, silent snowflakes fell.
Rain fell, too many times, for the Bards to tell.
Did you Freeze here? or, Are you really dead?

How long has it been since you awoke?
Or walked, or ate, or even spoke?
Were you here when Noah’s water rose?
Or when the Glaciers ruled in icy flows?
Did Aztecs offer you bloody sacrifice,
Tossing innocent babes off a high precipice?
Did Mammoths crush you with their mangey toes?
Did you witness Christ when to bread was broke?

I do not hear those slumber sounds!
You must have weighed a million pounds!
So hard to measure that massive girth,
When so much is burried down in the Earth.
You must have grown to 10 feet tall!
Have you broken things when you took a fall,
And left a furrowed field of mighty mounds?
Did you cry out? or feel nothing at all?

Now you lie there in that sweet repose,
With burried chin and crumpled nose.
How many fevored feet have trampled through,
Before Mother Earth has come and burried you?
You lie there, a giant in such silent sleep,
Such ancient secrets still buried deep
As more millenium have marched on by,
We don’t know the How, When, or Why.


Author Notes:

Broken Idol? or Colossal statue?

This photograph is one I took in the front yard of a house along Lower Afton Road in St. Paul, Minnesota. I saw a face in the stone decorating the driveway. The whole shot reminded me of a broken giant statue head of a god from ancient times with other pieces strewn about.


This Poem is done in Octaves.

This format is written in 8 Line stanzas, with several choices of meter and rhyme.


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