Ole Blue

Old Blue


Ole Blue


You’ve heard the tales of Paul Bunyan

And Babe, his big blue ox.

He also had a big puppy

That grew big as a house.

The puppy was a Saint Bernard

With paws bigger than most

Seen around Lake Superior

Swiming in that big Lake

Now Paul really loved that doggy.

One day while he was about,

Watched it floating in cold water,

He named that doggy Blue.

You probably would have too!

That lake’s as cold as the arctic,

With winds that blow huge waves.

A cold cruel death is awaiting

For sinking sailormen.

Once when the winds of November

Sunk a ship off the shore.

Ole Blue dove into the water

Saving the entire crew

What a wonderful thing to do!

If you ever see his white head

Around the old ice caves

It just might be Old Blue out swimming

Someday he might save you.

Then you’ll know this story is true!


Author Notes Growing up in Minnesota, I heard lots of tall Lumberjack tales about that giant, Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue OX. When I took this photograph up in Duluth along Lake Superior, The icy rock on the right looked to me like a big dog swiming in the water. So, I thought I’d add a chapter of my own ( after all, I am a Minnesotan, born and bred), to the legends. So, I created another companion for Paul and Babe – Blue, the Saint Brenard. Hope you enjoyed it.

This is a free verse poem with some incidental rhyme.

The photograph the inspired this poem was taken on 3/2/2013 at Stony Point along the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is a still life that looks animated. It will become part of my Animated Stlls Poetry Book.

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