Enchanted Forest

A 5-7-5 Poem


You might Think This Dumb
Enchanted Trees move on for Some
Call Them They will Come


Author Notes:

As I stood on the beach along the Mississippi River bank and looked up, I got the strangest impression that the woods was creeping on its roots down to the river. Like Mickey Mouse’s enchanted brooms in Walt Disney’s movie Fantasia, these trees seemed to have come alive and are walking. My imagination? Maybe.

This poem is a Tercet
Tercets are simply poems with 3 line stanzas. This one is also a special subcategory called a 5-7-5, as it is also holds a syllabic formula. Line 1 is 5 syllables. Line 2 is 7. Finally, line 3 reverts to 5 syllables. Thus the designation.

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