Dancing Spirit

Dancer (A Katie21 Poem)

The hills

The plains




To the beat


The Earth

The sound of the wind

Bird songs



Writing Prompt
Write a Katie21 poem which is a free verse poem that must contain exactly 21 words. It can rhyme or not, be about any subject, and punctuation is optional. And skinny stanza style is optional as well. Skinny stanza style is writing one word per line. Have fun!
Author Notes A Dancing Spirit

This is a Katie21 poem. It is free verse with exactly 21 words.

This photograph is of a tree root I found on the Great Plains at Blue Mounds State Park in Southeastern Minnesota. Near the buffalo herd. It looked, amazingly to me, like a dancing Indian spirit. I wrote this poem to this spirit. It will become one of my Animated Stills Poetry collection.

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