Alien Attack Within


When you come upon a tree,
There’s more to it than you can see.
Its crown is high,
Its roots are deep,
Its leaves all flutter in the sky,
And secrets it will keep.

For it was planted long ago.
It’s grown through heat and heavy snow.
It’s observed for many years,
The good, the bad, the tears,
The rapid pace
Of the human Race

The trees stood in silent horror,
Where for ages they had stood
As the earliest explorer,
Chopped down the virgin wood.
Now kindling for fires,
Lumber for lofty towers.

These ancient living souls
Were milled into single poles,
Some ground into paper books,
Cut at Christmas for their looks.
Mankind blithely destroying living things
For the glory of their Kings

These ancient life-breathing forms
Will weather these human storms.
Finally upset by Human greed,
And disregard for Earth’s great need,
They could gather to take the world back.
They could make an alien attack.

To Maintain atmospheric clean air,
Oblivious Mankind beware!





Author Notes:

Mankind is continuing to blindly use up the earth’s resources with disregard for the livings things they share this planet with. Nature has the power, and already has used it, to destroy civilizations. They disappear. Could this be another scenario? Maybe

This photograph was taken along the shore of the Mississippi River, across from the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. This driftwood looked to my imagination like an alien insect scouting for an invasion army. Of course it just a tree, but they are living things that we abuse

This poem is a set of Sestets. The uneven flow was intentional

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