Hop On

Hop On

(ABCB Quatrains)

Isaac on JG

My brother’s always hangin’ ‘round.

He sticks to me like glue.

You’d think that it would bother me.

He follows everything I do.


He thinks that he’s as big as me.

Wouldn’t that bother you?

You’ll find him always underfoot.

He wants so bad to do things too.


‘Course he’s a bit misillusioned

‘Bout his abilities,

But that doesn’t stop him tryin’

The many possibilities.


I’m tired of him underfoot,

And often getting hurt.

So, I’ve thought of a solution

Meant to protect the little squirt.


The kid really isn’t heavy –

Lighter than a boulder.

I thought I’d simply lift him up,

And just put him on my shoulder.


He’s no burden

He’s no bother

He ain’t heavy

He’s my brother



 Author Notes:

My grandsons Jeremy and his brother Isaac. Inspired by the picture and the song, “He Ain’t Heavy”.

Simple abcb rhymed Quatrains. Syllable count: 8-6-8-8

Thank you to my Daughter, Aisha, for capturing the moment in this photograph.

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