Grandson and I



Grandson and I

Grandson and I

Laid out some seed,

Then watched them feed,

Birds from the sky.

First came the Robin,

Then Chickadee,

So pretty and free.

Pickin’ and bobbin’.

Watched them with joy,

Sparrow and Bluejay.

Sat there all day,

Just me and the boy.

At end of  the day,

Seeds were all done.

They ate every one.

Birds flew away.

Grandson and I

Had a good time.

Didn’t spend a dime,

Watching birds go by.


Author Notes

Sharing some appreciation of nature.

My grandson Jeremy likes to come over to visit. I let him set out some bird seed on the deck. Then we watch the birds come. He loves to do that, and chases away the pesky squirrels that want to hog the seeds. He looks up the birds in my birdbook. He likes the chipmunk that came to eat too. My idea of a perfect day.

The picture is from Microsoft ClipArt

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