Aisha – Little Ray of Light

Little Ray of Light, Sweetly burning Bright,

Kept me up all night, in the fire light,

Feeding her a bite. Hope she keeps alright!

From the angel’s height, such a tiny mite,

There’s no need to fight . Keep her free from fright.

Tucked her in tonight, in her blanket – white,

Wrapped her up real tight, smiling at the sight.

               My little Ray of Light.


Once she had enrolled, in the family fold,

The bells all tolled, the dice all rolled,

I saw my Joy unfold, her personality took hold.

She’s a gem just like Gold, that can’t be sold.

It would break the mold. It would be too bold.

It will be a joy untold, to have proudly strolled

Down the streets so cold, with her, as I grow old.

              My Sparkling Gem of Light.


A bath it would seem, to barely make her scream

Under the water stream, giving off soft stream.

Scrubbing every seam, such a brilliant sheen!

Just a radiant beam,  she would almost gleam!

We were such a team, just like a King and Queen.

We’d connive and scheme, and lick at her ice cream.

We were so serene, it was like a dream!

                    My little Beam of Light.


She is pure sunshine, a rare expensive wine,

The sweetest on the vine, Nectar  tastes so fine,

The best on the Rhine, where only royalty dine,

Feeding scraps to the swine. She is that Devine!

A glow you can’t confine; a beautiful design

Only Gypsies can define, when planets all align.

Darkness now will shine. I can’t believe she’s mine!

              My Glowing Ray of Light

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