Aisha – Daughter of Love

Aisha and Mom

I just didn’t know until she came around, what a marvelous mountain of  joy can be found

when her tiny feet playfully patter the ground.

It’s a joy you can’t replace.


When I come home she’ll kerplop in my lap, hug and kiss me and fall off to a nap.

The peace of her dreams are like reading a map,

That’s written all over  her face.


You should see this child’s radiant smile, when her daddy walks down the hallway or aisle.

 She makes the whole world become worthwhile

With her impish charm and grace.


Like a monkey she climbs high off the ground. She likes to be twirled and twirled around.

Tickle her tummy for a happy giggling sound.

She brings laughter to our place!


I clearly recall her milk dabbed chin, and that dimpled, dazzling, dainty grin,

That so lit up my heart and my soul within.

She’s a teddy bear  to embrace


Well I really shouldn’t shamefully brag, but my opinion of other kids woefully sag.

She’s the champion who has captured the flag.

She really wins the race.


That’s MY girl, I proudly think, whether her face is scrubbed or covered with ink.

Even when she’s bad, she’ll give me a wink

And anger won’t make first base.


Every day when I think of my little dove, I  just thank all the heavenly stars above

That she’s my beautiful Daughter of Love

An orchid in a vase.

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