A Letter to God (Not a Poem)

Evening, 1987

Dear God,

I must admit that I was totally surprised the other day by a vision you sent me. I don’t believe in such things, so you must understand how shocking it was. A vision? Me? I heard about them, yes, but those are just for Saints and crazy people. I’m not one of them, surely.

Lord, in the middle of the freeway at 65 MPH, is an equally unbelievable place to have such a thing as that. Are you trying to kill me?

Here I was, coming through that big curve in Colorado Springs, going south on I24, just at sunset, and what do I see? I see a vision of your son, Jesus Christ, hovering in the air, just in front of the right, passenger side headlights. It’s him alright, right there, moving in fixed tandem with me. He looks just like that statue I’ve seen many times: that favorite one of mine, The Sacred Heart. You know, the one with His bleeding heart showing, glowing with a ring of gold around it, topped by a tiny crown? Yes, that one, the one with the red robe.

It’s a good thing he was transparent, because I was in some pretty heavy traffic just then and couldn’t stop. The amazing thing was that one hand was beckoning me to come. His hand was reaching out, and He was drawing it gently back towards his heart. I’m not sure, but I think I heard a soft whisper above the traffic noise, “Come”. I almost did too, as I swerved into another lane.

Now Lord, you know I’ve been avoiding you a lot lately. It’s not that I don’t love you, or believe in you. I do! It’s just that, every time I get close to you, bad things start to happen, crazy things. I get scared Lord. This time was the worst, because, just when I saw that beautiful, compelling vision I front of me. I also heard another voice, an evil voice. It was whispering in my left ear, right by my shoulder. It said, “Don’t, if you do, I will kill your daughter.” That thought grabbed me with a fearsome terror. A thought so terrifying to me, Lord, as to be unbearable.

So, I drove on. I ignored your son, Lord! I couldn’t help it!

Now, I’ve calmed down a bit lord. I picked up your book. I drenched the pages in tears. But I found some things there. They tell me that Satin is a liar, Lord. I’m not to believe him. I’m to trust in you.

Well, that’s very easy to say, isn’t it? What if that’s wrong! My daughter, Lord, is a very precious thing to me. I’m not sure I could bear to lose her, Lord.

So Lord, I am trembling as I put this in your hands. I take a step of Faith, here. Will you watch out for her for me? Please protect her and all my family Lord.

Yours truly,

Sinful Man

Sacred Heart

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