Aisha’s Poems

About Naming my Daughter Aisha

Our Little Bundle of Joy
Isn't She Lovely

When Karen got pregnant with Aisha, I had already been divorced and had 2 kids from my first wife (Tommy and Scott). On marrying  Karen, I inherited 2 Step children (Sean and Jodi). So I wasn’t crazy about the idea. Abortion had been legalized, so we considered that as an option.  Ultimately, we decided that a child conceived in love needs to be born. This became the basis for the opinion I formed about abortion as you’ll find is this material.

About that time, Stevie Wonder had a daughter he named Aisha. He dedicated an entire album to her named “Songs in the Key of Life”. On it, was a song called “Isn’t She Lovely”. It was about giving his daughter a bath. In it, was a verse that went “Life is Aisha – The meaning of her name”. Another verse went “I can’t believe what God has done, through us he’s given life to one. Isn’t she lovely made from Love”. This fit perfectly how we felt, so we named her Aisha. Aisha is an Arabic name for “Life”. One of Mohammad’s favorite warrior wives was named Aisha.

However, as she was growing up, she didn’t like the name, and my Mother – Bea, hated it from the beginning. She also was teased at school, because people said it was a “Black” or “Negro” name. Nobody white was named Aisha.

So when she was a young adult, I wrote her this Series of Poems

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