Aisha – The Decision

Many a time the couple had climbed to the heights of love,

To the pinnacle of heightened reality.

And launched their united souls on the drifting clouds above.

A mingled waft of Immortality,

A single ethereal being like a mythical dove,

Joined body and soul eternally.


This was our Joy!

This was our Song.


But , when Love has performed its Highest deed,

It burns itself on a Woman’s heart.

To blend two beings into one, thru his captured seed,

Having his Baby is the strongest part

Of her natural born make-up and womanly need.

So, dropping all caution, she plans the start

Of a plan to procreate his child, whether or not agreed.


This was her Plan.

This was her Song.


 So, she tested the waters about newborn life,

And she gets the wrong answer.

For he’s already had children, with much previous strife.

He’d rather come down with Cancer.

So she schemed on her own, a delirious wife

Blinded by Love, a Deceiptful Dancer.


This was her Secret.

This was her Song


So, when she’s late, “It’s an Accident” she cries,

And he registers incredulous shock

At the unexpected direction of this latest Surprise.

This hits her like a Rock.

For she wanted belated Joy from her Honeyed Lies

Not a stubborn male Roadblock.


This was her Pain!

This was her Song.


They’d both been repairing their shattered lives

When this latest drama hit.

And she loved him so deeply, his pain nearly drives

Her to believe that she should quit

On this New Life. For if it never arrives

In this World – So Be It!


This was her Choice.

This was her Song.


Even still, Anger and Darkness enshrouded his brain.

He couldn’t short-change his Career!

His plans about School had already gone down the drain.

New responsibility was nothing to Cheer.

Could having another child cause him nothing but Pain,

When his youngest’s 7th Birthday was already here?


This was his Question.

This was his Song.


So, we entered discussions about killing the child,

 Sometimes it’s call an Abortion.

It’s legal, so our Hearts became reconciled

To this ethical conscience distortion.

We considered the choice – Life or Death – mild,

Gave the thought our total absorption.


This was our Sin!

This was our Song.


So, Life and Death were hung equally on the Scale,

To have an Abortion or carry to Term.

We each weighed the Options. A fleamarket sale!

The Life in the balance an insignificant Worm,

No more than a Blood Clot, or a Fingernail.

A thing barely past a Sperm.


That was the Story.

That was our Song.


But in time, she couldn’t tolerate the meaningless loss

Of a child she so desperately wanted.

So, she argued with him, and cried, and decided to toss

the question aside, because it Haunted

The foundation of what Christ taught on the cross,

 That Life was Precoius and Vaunted.


This was her Conscience.

This was her Song


But his hardened Heart hadn’t yet opened to Reason.

She had to gently prod him along.

His Soul was so cold, that it was actually freezin’,

But she knew it wouldn’t stay wrong

As long as she kept her disposition real pleasin’,

Even though his resistance was Strong.


That was her Method.

This was her Song.


It really doesn’t matter whether Daughter or Son,

The Fetus grows into a Life,

And soon you must nurture this innocent bundle of fun

Created by Husband and Wife.

But even still, isn’t this cruel world chaotically run?

Isn’t there too much Strife?


This was our Hesitation.

This was our Song.+


But finally the scales dropped from his troubled Eyes.

He couldn’t destroy what Love brought!

To destroy a Potential Person is Murder, no matter its Size.

No “Inconvenience” justifies the thought,

When inside the Wonb a living Embtyo so silently dies.

A Future no longer sought.


This was our Answer.

This was our Song.


We learned the decision for Abortion is no Choice at all.

Not for the Human Race!

For the path will only lead us all over the Wall

To the Pit that’s Satan’s place.

Because a Child is a Precious, Delicate, Living Doll

With a needy, trusting Face.


This was our Finding.

 This was our Song.


So, we made our individual Choice. The choice was Love.

It’s the only Choice there is!

Career, convenience, capability, or cash must not rank above

The Perfection that’s her’s and his

From the beautiful child that their Tapestry wove

Through a sacrafice like this.


This was our Truth.

This was our Song.


Our Joy became whole, and our Love became Complete.

Abortion was put in the Scrap Bin.

We measured the Law, finding a Flaw bounding a huge Deceipt.

When Law is behind it, It isn’t Sin?

That’s one Ethical Question we hope to never have to Repeat.

Deep down you know you can’t win.


This was our Insight.

This was our Song


Because, if we had listened to our Selfish Side,

Our duaghter would have Died.

We’d have missed each time that she Laughed or Cried,

Never have seen her Eyes become Wide,

When she Joyfully tore open a package with a present inside,

Or peeked through her Fingers attempting to hide.


This was our Fullfillment.

This was our Song.


 This is our Story, as it really happened to Us.

We’re so glad that we finally let her Live!

Because we’d give away Everything we had without a Fuss,

If that’s what we had to Give.

To keep that Wonderful Girl safely riding the Bus

Home to where her parents live.


This is our Tale.

This is our Song.


Our children have all grown up with Lives of their Own,

And had to make their Own Choices

About whether to yank out the Seeds that they’ve Sown,

Sorting Legal and Ethical noises.

It’s Horrible to hear the Results carried on the Wind,

Of our Grandchildren’s dying Voices.


This is our Truth.

The End of our Song.

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