Abortion – The Poem

Please don’t kill our children!

Please don’t destroy our youth!

Don’t listen to rhetoric of choices!

Come to know the truth!


Hitler tried to destroy the Jews,

Every man, woman, and child.

The world recoiled at this terrible news.

It was Evil running wild!


And yet, we take similar actions,

One couple at a time,

But when we add up all the fractions,

It’s an equally hideous crime.

We make the choice about killing a child

And call it a Legal Abortion.

The force of Law allows us to be reconciled

To this Ethical Conscience Distortion.


But the numbers can only speak for themselves

Because, through it, Millions have died.

While unknown futures are put on the shelves

For the convenience of our own pride.


We put “Life and Death” on a measuring scale,

The life in the balance an insignificant worm,

No more than a bloodclot, or a fingernail.

To have an Abortion – or- carry to Term?

When you consider as a  meaningless loss

 A chlid that is tragically unwanted,

Think of what Christ taught on the Cross –

All Life is sacredly Precious and Vaunted.


To destroy human life is actually murder,

No matter the case, or its size.

Not even a  legally structural girder

Justifies, when an innocent embryo dies.


The “Decision” for Abortion is no choice at all.

Not for the Human Race.

For that path will only lead us over the wall

To the Pit that’s Satan’s place.


We chose to kill our own children

By the thousands and the scores,

Pretending that it’s our inalienable Right,

Just like voting, free speech, owning stores.


But if we listen only to our selfish side,

Our sons and daughters will all have died.

We’d never get to see their eyes grow wide

When they open a box with a present inside.


Don’t listen to legal and ethical noises,

Because, how could they really be Choices,

If they give us nightmares every night

From our own children’s dying voices?


Ignore free licnese to commit Genocide.

It’s truly a Holocaust of our own making.

Put away our personal puffed-up pride,

And realize the scandalous steps we’re taking!


Please don’t kill our children!

Please don’t destroy our youth!

Don’t listen to rhetoric of Choices!

Come to know the Truth!

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