When Even GOD Cried!

Oh, what a deceptively beautiful morning!

Devoid of Devious due danger Warning

Just a clear, bright, Sunny September day

Business rousing in a typical New York way.

Lawyers, Accountants, and Brokers condensing

The promise of profitable Commerce Commencing

Oh, the Exhilaration!

Oh, the Anticipation!

The True Core of our Nation.


Oh, Happily Leaving Home, Children at Sitters!

To Read About Monsters and Heroes and Critters.

Mommas and Poppas, Some to Work Late,

While Secretaries discuss Details of Yesterday’s Date

And Accountants are Placing a Water Cooler Bet

Pending Whether the Fan is a Giant or Jet.

Oh, So Peacefully at Work!

Oh, Coffee pots Perk!

At Windows Dangers Lurk.


Oh, what Idiocy to think that we’re Immune!

Our unguarded Skies are a terrorist’s Boone.

The Temptation from deadly Fanatics abound

When we see danger only from foreign ground,

And think that Civilians could not be Targets.

Such foolish presumptions reap Anguished Regrets.

Oh, the Peace was Shattered!

Oh, so many Lives Scattered!

Everything changed that Mattered.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



Oh, that the Planes would never have flown!

If only the unsuspecting pilots had known

That their training Played right into an Evil hand

As the Death Squad’s Leader’s fiendishly Planned

For mass destruction Inhumanly Cruel

Using Highjacked Skyliners loaded with fuel.

OH, the Tragic Unknown!

Oh, Planes Innocently Flown!

Brings Chills to the Bone.


OH, the Massive, Collective Confusion!

As the Nerve-wracking news Astonished a Waking Nation

After that First Crash Caused Cameras to Roll

A Generation left Gawking and Gasping at a Gaping Hole

While screaming Sirens Converged on the Sordid site

Of the Smoking, Vented Visage of the Tower on the Right.

Oh, the Utter Shock!

Oh, Turn Back the Clock!

Our Security they Mock.


OH, When that Second Plane came into View!

That mesmerizing Moment when Everyone knew

As it Maneuvered with Obvious Malicious Intention

It Captured a Startled Nation’s Undivided Attention

The Whole World Watched in Dawning Disbelief

As War Snuck up like a Tempestuous Thief.

Oh, the Dawning Truth!

Oh, the Undeniable Proof!

Dropping on our Roof.


Oh, How the News Agencies Captured the Scene!

Workers Instantly Died Where their Desks once had been

As A Third Plane Flew over Washington DC.

America Ablaze and Attacked, it was Plain see

As Citizens and Leaders Trembled in Fear

Brutal Terrorist Intentions became Totally Clear

Oh. Let there be no More!

Oh, Surely this Means War!

Brazen to the Core.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



Oh, If we’d been Guarding our Home Skies!

Could our Airport Scanners Provide the Eyes?

Paying Closer Concentration to Homeland Security

Prevented the Spectral Shadow over our Capital City?

Instead of Focusing only on International Fears

Could we have Saved Our Toughest Soldiers their Tears?

Oh, the Terrorists Caught!

Oh, Destruction not Brought!

What a Sobering Thought.


OH, how peacefully the day had started!

Coffee brewed as positions were skillfully charted.

A typical Soldier’s Sentinel duties begun

Simulated Battlefield tactics were plotted and run.

The Business of defending our Nation went on

In the planning rooms of the Pentagon

OH, So Unaware!

Oh, we must Beware!

The enemy would Dare.


Oh, The White House could be Their Aim!

The Capital or Congress would do just the Same.

The low Flying Menace Made Lawmakers Shiver

Then it Brazenly Banked Back Towards the River

Setting Its Sites on the Powerful Pentagon

It Savaged it’s Structure in Cascading Conflagration.

Oh, the Fires Burned!

Oh, Wood and Stone Churned!

Our Military Spurned.


Oh, Fireballs Flew Far into the Air!

Uniformed Soldiers Suddenly Turned into Flare

The Ill Treated Icon was Woefully Wounded

Its Thick Weathered Walls were Pummeled and Pounded.

Crawling to Safety, Scorched Seaman’s Cries,

Brought Bitter Tears to Tough Officer’s Eyes.

Oh, Unbelievable Sight!

Oh, Massacred Military Might!

Unquenchable Pyres Bright.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



Oh, Then They Scrambled for Cover!

Contingency Plans Opened, Escape Routes Discover

Our Leaders Protected and Shifted Away

So our Country would have Government the Following Day

Agencies Choppered, and Bunkered, and Drove Them

Protecting Democracy’s Precious Political Stem.

Oh, the Chaotic Contractions!

Oh, the Rushed Reactions!

Instant Critical Actions.



Oh, the Terror wasn’t over Yet!

This Day in Infamy we won’t Forget.

Dastardly Designs were Broader by Far

More Planes were Boarded, Avoiding Radar

Terrorist Teams ready to Capture the Cockpit

Set their Own Course, Provide their own Pilot

Oh. We must Beware!

Oh, Thousands in Midair!

Great Danger is Still There.


Oh, the Quick Thinking in Terrible Times!

Reduce the Recurrence of Continuing Crimes

Alerted, The FAA’s Alarm was Sounded

Ordering Every Plane that was in the Air Grounded

Thousands got Diverted, Others were Delayed

Soon The Skies were Emptied, While The Nation Prayed.

Oh, They Brought them Down!

Oh, FAA’s Renown!

Fanatic Mullahs Frown.


OH, Still one flight Failed to Respond

It’s Westerly Course Curled Completely Around.

The President Deciding Domestic Destiny

Gave the Grim Order to Cut Caution Free

When the Innocent Impediment is caught enroute

The Jet Guided Bombs will Blow Bodies About.

Oh, Awful Responsibility!

Oh, National Security!

What must be, Must be.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



Oh, How Peaceful that Flight had Started!

The Detour Begun Shortly After the Flight had Departed.

Above Pennsylvanian Pasture Passengers heard of Other Flights

Cellphone Calls Captured all of the News Sound Bites

Determined Travelers drew up Drastic Action

To Bravely Battle in Flight the Fanatical Faction.

Oh, The Courage Found!

Oh, Terrorists were Downed!

All Buried in the Ground.


Oh, the Proud Monuments in the Manhattan Sky!

Mortally Wounded, We’re Wondering Why?

Tragic Targets of Ubiquitous unheeded Hate

Holy War Victim’s Brought to a Feral Fate.

Selected Symbols of American Financial Might

Ambushed and Unwittingly Drawn into the Fight

Oh, Had we Known!

Oh, Hatred Shown!

All Bargaining Blown.


Oh, Hundreds of Innocents Instantly Died!

While Thousands and Millions Looked on and Cried.

Pennsylvania, Manhattan, and DC. Ablaze

The Nation engulfed in a Black Smokey Haze.

Caught in the Web of a Maniac’s Dreams

Ensnared in the Plot of his Nightmarish Dreams.

Oh, We were so Stunned!

Oh, The Warnings Shunned!

Curse the Evil War Fund.


Oh, How Helpless is Guiltless Humanity!

Finding Overrated Freedom in False Security

As Suicide Weapons Cause Thousands to Die

American Workers are Attacked from on High.

The Grim Reaper is Leering and Laughing at the Gate

While Hopeless Victims Leaped to Their Fate.

Oh, the Bodies Crashing!

Oh, Heads like Pumpkins Smashing!

On the Concrete Bashing.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



Oh, See the Priest Kneeling, Giving Last Rites!

Oblivious of Danger and Demonic Sights

He Whispers Absolution for Failing Firemen

Buildings Begin to Crumble as He Gives a Last Amen.

A Dusty Halo Surrounds His Holy Head

Then Falling Debris Strikes Him Instantly Dead

Oh, Weep but Don’t Falter!

Oh, Bloody Sacred Halter!

Broken Body Laid on the Altar.


Oh. Hundreds of Stories of Glass and Steel!

Shuddering, Quacking in a Sickening Reel

Structures that Shook Groaned and Melted

Panicked People below were Torn and Pelted

With Jagged Debris that was Utterly Grim

They Stampeded and Scattered for Life and Limb.

Oh, The Bloody Rain!

Oh, the Gripping Pain!

Scene Totally Insane.


Oh, the Brave Heroes Entered and Died!

Saving Thousands of Frightened Occupants Inside,

Organizing Exit Traffic in Black Choking Smoke

As Burning Towers trembled and Broke.

Victim’s Screamed out their Mortal Fears

Officers never saw Such Chaos in their long Careers.

Oh, They Tried to Reach the Top!

Oh, the Horror Wouldn’t Drop!

Duty Wouldn’t Let them Stop.


Oh, Policemen and Fireman’s Heroic Deaths!

Command Posts are Manned to their Dying Breaths

Emergency Equipment Established their Positions too Well

Crushed in an Instant When the Buildings Fell

Sudden Panic Produced a Huge Human Wave

Instant Initiative Facilitated who Fate Would Save.

Oh, We Gave Our Best!

Oh, Unspeakable Test!

Buried and At Rest.



Oh, the mindnumbing Horror!

Oh, the Terrible Sight!

Death and destruction Abounding,

Chaos and Tears and Fright!

On the Day so Many Died

The Day that Even God Cried.



OH, Now hear the loud rattle in the Hot rolling Roil,

As the Earth began shaking our Innocent Soil,

Crushed metal and vapors, as Wrecked Windows bust,

Explode to Pollute air with All-Consuming dust.

Commercial Confetti of Torn Twisted debris

Makes Ghostly impressions as the Grime-Coated flea

OH, the Spectral Sight!

OH, This just Isn’t Right!

Such Panic-driven Fright.


Oh, Such Careless Callous Carnage!

Witnessing the Worst Domestic Disaster of our Age

The Whole World Watched in Rising Rage

As Hell’s Fury Turned Over History’s Page

And Satan’s Face Leered through the Billowing Dust

Citizens lost Life, Limb, Family, and Trust.

Oh, The Paper Strewn Skies!

Oh, Burning Dust in Our Eyes!

So Many Sad Goodbyes.


Oh, Tottering Towers began to Compress!

Tons of Structure under Simmering Stress

Left Those inside with no chance at All

When the Damage made the Doomed Decking fall

Indifferent to Whether a Victim or Hero

Grinding Metal Came Rumbling down to Ground Zero.

Oh, so many Died!

Oh, So many Tried!

Then Even God Cried.



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