After and Then

After we bury our dead

After the mourning is done

After all the farewell’s are said

After all the survivors are known

After all of the tears have been shed

After all the immediate dangers are gone

After our children are all safely in their bed

After the home skies are secured for everyone

After our victim’s and hero’s stories have been read

After all the sirens and flashing red lights are no longer on


Then will our nation arise

Then will our just plans be set

Then will we raise up the battle cries

Then will terrorist justice be capably met

Then will we gird up our chest and our thighs

Then will they see when our anger has been whet

Then will we see what safety their blood money buys

Then will our enemies start to be taught to seriously regret

Then will we fill up Afghanistan’s cities, mountains and skies

Then will the rest of the world belatedly learn on which side to bet


We promise to honor our dead well

We promise to be discerning and just

We promise to ring a Taliban death knell

We promise those Afghan leaders will bust

We promise liberty and patriotism will swell

We promise to smash Al Quida into pieces of dust

We promise to make them drink from the bitter well

We promise to go anywhere and do what ever we must

We promise to rid the whole world of the terrorist’s smell

We promise to eradicate all Osama Bin Ladin’s evil blood lust

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