I’m Worried Now


I’m worried now, at things that I forget.
I didn’t think I’d have this problem yet,
but lately, it’s become a proven fact —
my once unfailing memory has lacked
the former nimbleness of swift corvette.

With worrisome amnesia, I fret
enough to bring about an anxious sweat.
Is it Alzheimer’s that I will contract?
I’m worried now!

The passing years have changed my silhouette,
and now my mind is getting me upset.
Must aging always lessen and extract
the best of people’s precious artifacts?
Too often lately things aren’t getting met.
I’m worried now!

Author’s notes:

Yup, that’s me in the photo.

I have been slipping up more and more lately. So yes, I truly am beginning to wonder if my 67 year old brain is starting to slip. Just this weekend we went camping, and forgot a number of things, even though we had a checklist. I forgot to put water in the water tanks before we left. I forgot to bring the jackets for possible cold nights. I drove to the wrong campground than the one I had registered for, but they had an opening and switched my reservation. I forgot to bring the dinner steaks that we planned to cook (Thank goodness we had enough hotdogs to keep us fed). Then we drove home to pickup some swimming gear and those jackets, since my wife was freezing after dark. We forgot those jackets again and had to go back a second time. On Saturday night, I forgot to douse the campfire, got undressed and went to bed. When I turned over and looked out my window, there was the fire burning brightly. I had to get up, put on some clothes and shoes, and then douse it. Seriously, am I losing it?

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