Picture Poems Volume 2

The second in a series of poetry books that I published. This one was released in 2015 by Outskirts Press, then republished  by LitFire Press in 2016.

It combines photographs taken by me with an associated poem in various formats to provide symmetry of image and verse.  All the poems and all the photographs in the book are mine. My introduction gives a very good overview of poetic forms and techniques.  The back of the book, contains an alphabetical glossary identifying which poem is written in each manner. I include photographs, because I am also a photographer. I believe that the two Genre complement each other.

Volume 2 continues the basic poetic concepts and structure such as rhyme, meter, line counts, and syllable counts. But it then adds in overviews of poetic techniques, such as: alliteration, assonance, consonance, in-line rhyme, onomatopoeia, anaphora, and ceasura.

Each poem contains a full page image accompanied by the poem on the adjoining page. In addition there are author notes related to each poem the typically contains three elements: a discussion of the poetic context, a description of the poetic format, and a note on the image.  In addition, this volume identifies the techniques used within each poem. This makes the book very unique.

Here’s a link to amazon where is can be purchased.


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