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I started writing poetry my freshman year in high school at the age of Thirteen. I worked for Lockheed Martin (Univac, Sperry Univac, Sperry Rand, Unisys, Loral, Paramax, Lockheed Martin) in Eagan Minnesota, Pueblo Colorado, and Great Neck New York for 44 years. I've also been researching my Family's tree. So, I plan this site to be a repository for my Poems, memoirs, and family stories. Of course I reserve all copyright restrictions for anything held herein.

New additions

I posted several of my early Poetic works. I went to a Catholic high school that was segregated to boys only, so these reflect a religious bendt. I went to Hill High School (later Hill-Murray) fron 1961 to 1965.

As the second surviving son, I was expected to become a Priest. I was struggling with this during this period as reflected in the works “A Priest” and “Identity”