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I started writing poetry my freshman year in high school at the age of Thirteen. I worked for Lockheed Martin (Univac, Sperry Univac, Sperry Rand, Unisys, Loral, Paramax, Lockheed Martin) in Eagan Minnesota, Pueblo Colorado, and Great Neck New York for 44 years. I've also been researching my Family's tree. So, I plan this site to be a repository for my Poems, memoirs, and family stories. Of course I reserve all copyright restrictions for anything held herein.

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Recently widowed disabled grandma needs help

Don’t let her lose her house. Raising 2 grandchildren. Disabled mom gets less death benefits than mortgage.


If you haven’t been into this site before, I recommend you start with Poetry. My section on 9/11 is my favorite. The posting about my experience that day is dear to me. It also inspired me to write my best And longest poem to date. I have over 1,000 poems posted, in many formats.
My Alphabet Poems were fun word exercises for me.
Or, you may enjoy my Animated Stills and Picture Poems series that are photographs that inspired a Poem.
Of course, I’m proud of my early works too.

Pictures are also interesting.

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