Tom Reischel at Home on Computer
He knows how to use a Computer


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Tom Reischel was born in 1948, the first child immediately after his brother died after a tragic poisoning event at the age of 2 years old. Tom was raised on the East side of Saint Paul Minnesota. He attended St. Pascal Baylon grade school and went to Hill High School in Maplewood graduating in 1965. He attended the University of Minnesota from 1966 until he graduated from U of M Night School in 1977. He joined Univac in 1967 and worked there for 44 years. During that time he was relocated to Pueblo, Colorado;Great Neck, NY.; and back to Minnesota. Univac was bought and sold several times becoming Sperry Univac, Sperry, Unisys, Paramax, Loral, and finally Lockheed Martin from which he was laidoff/retired in August 2011.
Tom started writing poetry during his freshman year in high school.

He has been a top ranked poet on the FanStory site since 2011. In 2015, he judged the poetry for the VOICE of KANSAS, poetry contest. He is an avid outdoorsman, and his writing reflects that. He enjoys golf, camping, canoeing, photography, puzzles, stained glass, poetry, reading, writing, and traveling, especially in Minnesota.
He shares his experiences through the lens of the camera that often inspire a poem, providing synergy between verse and image.

He is a published author who has produced 3 Volumes of Poetry and Photography. His photography is on Capture Minnesota, an affiliate of Twin Cities Public Television, and also published in the 2012 One Life, Photo Journal. His Poem, “Enlightenment from the Merry-Go-Round”, is published in Preston McWorter’s book, Seeds of Enlightened Society.
His inventive mind has also created several unique poetic formats that are published works.

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