Chapbook Contest Entry

I just entered my 14 Calligrams into Frontier Poetry’s Chapbook contest. The first prize is $5,000.00, and $100 for 5 other notable entries.  Won’t hear results until April 2020. These are like that antique car car a posted earlier. Here’s another, An airplane:




Pilots find great joy in aviation.

They float so high and free.

The airlift gives out bird sensations.

It’s like flight’s meant to be.

The aeronautical explanations

Are so very profound.

It’s one of man’s finest creations.

That takes him off the ground.

They spin propeller rotations.

Around and around


As off go I

I sail

Across the sky


I’ll savor these things

Airplane go fly on wings


As they go up

As they go down

To touch the sky

Go back down


Hold Firm!


Wheels touch down


When I fly
In the sky

Above it
I get High
Don’t know why
But I LOVE it.



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