50 Million and Counting

50 Million and Counting
(A Free Verse Poem)


Yet we have thrown away
since Roe v. Wade


My heart cries out for this holocaust
of the innocent,
the flower of our future,
as the detritus of selfishness
on the altar of CHOICE.


We abhor the Aztec culture
as depraved
for their practice of
human sacrifice.

Yet here we are
killing the innocents
one by one
the millions.


now, legislatures want to codify
late-term abortion.


What kind of society are we?


Author Notes:

I just have to speak out. But hear me out, I have a possible solution.

The slippery slope of immorality embedded in Roe v. Wade is coming to fruition. That ruling must be struck down. Abortion must be made illegal again everywhere. The inconvenience of a few women is far outweighed by the overall evil being perpetrated.

I propose that our society approach this in a new way by providing incentives to young women to give birth. We should outlaw abortion, and enact a law that gives a young mother $10,000 to give up a healthy newborn for adoption, $5,000 if it is unhealthy, and cover all her medical expenses. If she decides to keep it, give her $20,000 to help her start that new life on a better footing. This would be cheaper in the long run and help alleviate some part of poverty as well.

This image is of my Granddaughter, Skylah, who in now 5, and in kindergarten.

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